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If you like my art and my painting style but are looking for something specific that will fit your space and décor, you can commission a painting from me. 

To start the process, please fill out my commission form. Your answers will give me an idea of what you're looking for and provide me with your contact information for follow up questions. It's important for me to fully understand your vision. I will only take commissions that fit my current style of work and subject matter. For example, it's unlikely I would accept a commission to do a portrait as I've only painted family members and it's not part of my regular repertoire. However, wonky faces and colourful flowers are super on target for me. I'd even consider an animal painting, like the one I'm doing in the photo.

Next, I'll use this information to provide you with a price and a timeline to complete the project. My prices for commissioned work will be inline with my non-commissioned paintings. The difference is that this piece will be specific to your needs and requirements. 

Work on the painting will start once I've received a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the quoted price.

Artist in her studio, painting a picture of a white dog.
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