Forever, 2020

Digital painting

Hi! I'm Ruth. Welcome.

I'm a tea drinking, technology loving, mother of twin boys and wife to a wonderful man. I love to garden and take pictures of everything including, and especially, our two dogs. 

I have a university degree in Computing and Information Science with a minor in Fine Art and I've always loved mixing creativity with logic and order. I've worked for over 25 years in tech and love what I do. I truly believe that technology can change the world and be a tool to better humanity.


After a long hiatus where my art took a back seat to my career, my family and really just life itself, I'm finally putting some focus back on my artistic passions. I don't know if anyone else will like what I create, but I'm having a blast just creating! And that's good enough for now. You can take a look on the Shop page for what I have currently for sale.


My two sons have also grown interested in making and selling their designs and art and so have opened their own store under the name of ND Art. Check it out and give them some love!

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